Discovery, Characterization and Targeting of Drug Transporters for Drug Delivery to the Nasal and Tracheobronchial epithelia:

Peptide transporters (PEPT-1 & PEPT-2)

Organic cation transporters (OCT1, OCT2, OCT3, OCTN1, OCTN2)

MATE transporters (MATE-2)

Targeting OCTs and OCTNs for treatment of chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps

Development and Application of New Strategies for Reducing or Eliminating Ciliotoxicity of Pharmaceutical Compounds

Formulation and non-formulation strategies (micro/nanoparticles)

Application of heterodyne laser microscopy for screening ciliotoxicity

Exploration of the roles of f-box factor (FOXJ1) gene on in vitro ciliogenesis in respiratory cells

Development of colorimetric protein-based assay (dynein) for ciliotoxicity screening

Development of New Drug Delivery Systems

Alternative delivery formulations for thyroid hormones (T3 & T4)

Topical and transdermal formulations of cannabinoids

Development of drug-eluting stents for chronic respiratory conditions

In vitro Preclinical Drug Screening Using Tissue Culture Models

Development of differentiated human nasal cell line for biopharmaceutical drug screening

Characterization of epithelial drug absorption mechanisms, kinetics and enhancement strategies.


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